We’re often asked by our clients on how to start a bespoke engagement ring for their partner. The real pleasure from creating a bespoke engagement ring is that it will forever carry this thoughtful journey and personal story with it. Decisions are based upon the personality and style of the bride so it becomes this unique and special symbol that the partner has spent time and energy putting their love and thought in to.

It’s important to choose a jeweller who you feel comfortable with to steer you in the right direction, look at their previous work and be sure you like their design style. Trust is very important. You can see examples of our Ready to Wear Engagement Rings Here and our Bespoke Wedding Gallery Here. We also have testimonials available to read Here.


It’s important to speak frankly with us about what you’re looking for; what suits your bride’s lifestyle and taste, but also your budget.

It’s important to set the budget at the beginning, this way we know what we’re working with from the get go. There’s no point being vague about this because if we don’t know what to work towards we could either underwhelm you with our stone selection or panic you.

Diamonds vary hugely in price but we will know the best ways to balance the 4 C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat) to get you the best value for money . People often think that bespoke means that a ring is going to be much more expensive than off the shelf, but if you have a fixed budget then it’s our job to find creative solutions within that to produce the best ring possible.

It’s always good to do a little homework with the 4 C’s but in my experience men can get very caught up the with certification side of a diamond and sometimes need help to refocus on what will be the most important thing to the bride; the design.


Make sure you allow yourself enough time for a ring to be designed and made from scratch. We ask for for 2-3 months to create your perfect engagement ring, though this can take longer depending on the complexity of the piece or the rarity of the stone. This is something your partner is going to wear for the rest of their lives - you don’t want to rush it.


Some clients will have a very clear vision in their head of how they want the ring to look, they come armed with Pinterest boards and slideshows but others have no idea where to begin; both of these scenarios are completely fine. It’s our job to extract the necessary information and help guide the client through this unfamiliar world. Some times the design process is very straightforward and you can land on the perfect design in the first round, often though designs need refining. I always ask my clients to tell me what they like but especially what they don’t like, it can be as simple as tweaking one simple detail or a complete rethink of the whole design. This is something that the bride will wear for the rest of their lives, so the key thing is timelessness. No matter how design-led you want the ring to be, it’s important to think about longevity and whether this is something she feel comfortable wearing for decades to come.

It’s important to think practically as well, for instance if their partner lives a very active lifestyle or works with their hands a lot you’re probably going to want to have a low mount or avoid prong settings for the ring so it’s not going to get caught or damaged.

Think about her personal style; what existing jewellery does she own. Is there a coloured metal way she prefers? Would she want something minimal and understated or does she want something that’s going to draw attention?


diamond cuts

The cut of the stone can really dictate how the rest of the design is going to follow. Is her taste classic or edgy? If she’s very classic then perhaps a round brilliant or cushion cut are safe choices. Asscher or emerald cuts are great for a modern Art Deco reimagining. Shallow pears or marquise cuts can result in a stone that looks much bigger on top than it’s carat weight would have you believe and can really elongate the finger.

Or you can think outside the box completely, we have a lot more clients coming to us who want something really unique and ask for heavily included diamonds (sometimes called salt and pepper, rustic, raw...) because they love the patterns in the stone and the colours (think greys, champagnes and warm autumnal tones). Because of the stone’s inclusions they’re great value for money so you can get a much larger diamond for your budget. Just be sure this is something that your partner has shown an interest in as some women really love the sparkle and fire of the traditional clear diamond.

There are many unusual cuts that might suit the less traditional woman; rose cuts are beautifully understated and more geometric shapes like step cut hexagons, shield cuts and triangle diamonds are really growing with popularity as people crave jewellery that’s different to what their parents had.


If you’re not feeling confident about your partner’s style, it’s ok to speak secretly with her friends and family but make sure you trust them not to let slip! They can also be useful allies for discovering her ring size if you don’t already know. If you prefer to go at it alone then rings can always be re-sized after the proposal and we are able to help with this. The easiest way to get a rough idea for her ring size is to to ‘borrow’ a ring of hers (preferably one she wears on the ring finger on the left hand) and give it to us to measure. If you’re worried she’ll notice a missing ring you can print out a ring sizing guide from online and try yourself at home.


Once your ring is complete you should seriously think about insuring it. It’s an investment and one that should last so it’s important to be covered in cases of loss, theft and damage. Some insurance will let you add it to your home insurance but there are companies that offer specific stand alone engagement ring cover.

Ultimately your partner will be so touched about how much care and consideration you’ve put in to their ring they’re going to love it no matter what the result.

Going down the bespoke engagement ring route is a really wonderful and straightforward experience. Every couple’s story is unique so it only makes sense that the engagement ring should be too.

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