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Othila Ring


This ring has been inspired by the Othila Rune for 'Family' and 'Home'. This piece balances strength and femininity and is designed to be worn with the point facing towards the wrist.

The Othila Ring is taken from the Fine Jewellery Collection and is made using only precious materials.

Additional Information

Size O - For more information please see Ring Sizes Chart in Jewellery Guide section.

If you would like the ring to be made in to a different size please email hello@rachelboston.co.uk for more information.

Available in:

- 18ct White Gold

- 18ct Yellow Gold

- 18ct Rose Gold

- Platinum

The Othila Ring is made to order - please allow up to 6 weeks for the piece to be handmade.

We do advise you when ordering to read our Terms & Conditions and Product Care Page.

To view this ring in person, email hello@rachelboston.co.uk for your free consultation.