On Tuesday 19 February, The Queen visited London Fashion Week to present a new award for British Design given in her name.

Rachel had the honour to meet with HM The Queen at the Designer Showrooms and present her jewellery collections.

We were especially proud that HM was reported afterwards to have found our imperfect diamond collections interesting:

Asked about the Queen’s visit, Carole Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, said: ‘She was particularly keen to hear from the jewellery designers about where they make it and the craftsmanship.

'She was also asking them about how difficult it is to run a business, but they told her that desire to create keeps getting them up in the morning.

‘There was an imperfect diamond that caught her eye. She was saying how interesting it was that imperfect diamonds were being used when traditionally it was a desire for perfect ones.'

Source - Daily Mail

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