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Rachel Boston is an East London based jewellery brand specialising in alternative bridal and bespoke work, creating beautifully designed pieces to last a lifetime.


Although undeniably anchored in the Art Deco movement that inspired founder Rachel with its clean lines and ornate design details, Rachel Boston pieces are instantly recognisable as their very own: they are an elegant reimagining of classic pieces with a distinctively modern and stylish edge.

Unusual diamonds and gemstones from carefully selected sources are one of the aspects the brand has come to be known for. Whether repurposing antique or heirloom diamonds, exploring fancy coloured diamond options in unique cuts, or using so-called imperfect grey diamonds, care is taken to highlight the unique characteristics of every gemstone we work with. From the most classic white diamonds to the rarest and most outlandishly coloured sapphires, our designs aim to compliment and sublimate these beautiful natural materials.

Provenance is at the forefront of our preoccupations, and the special attention we bring to our designs of course carries over to the way we source our materials. All of our gemstones are carefully selected from a small handful of trusted suppliers worldwide working within strict ethical standards, and all of the precious metal we use is 100% recycled by our partner foundry.

Rachel Boston Jewellery

"Rachel Boston champions designs and materials with character."

Rachel Boston Jewellery
Rachel Boston Jewellery

Rachel Boston jewellery is made in the United Kingdom and is hand-set and finished in our London workshops. Our focus is on impeccable craftsmanship and artistry, using a combination of both modern and traditional making techniques. We only work with trusted, specialised craftspeople who can work to the high standards we adhere to. We are immensely proud to be able say that our pieces are made from start to finish in Britain by its most talented jewellery artisans.


Whether you are looking to recreate one of our made-to-order rings as is, or whether you want to bring your own ideas to life for a completely custom piece, founder Rachel and her team offer an intimate and personalised service. We understand the importance of having a truly one-of-a-kind, considered piece to reflect the special occasions in your life.

Please get in touch to arrange your complimentary consultation at our showroom or online. 

Rachel Boston Jewellery