Pre-wedding jitters are widely felt among our clients, and understandably so. It’s not often that we’re at the centre of a room's attention, all eyes our way. For some this can be a welcomed part of the celebrations, but what happens if your anxieties about the wedding and your future as a couple are stopping you from being present at your wedding?

Rachel’s sister Jessica works with the subconscious mind to overcome anxiety and has recently created a package specific to wedding anxiety. Knowing this would resonate with many of our followers we wanted her hot take on how it's done. 

R: So, Jessy, one of the many ways that you work is through hypnotherapy. Yes. Can you tell us a little bit more about how that works?

J: Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool to re-programme and work with the subconscious mind. You're learning the patterns and behaviours that the individual is stuck in, and helping them re-pave that path.

R: So what led you to create a package specifically for wedding anxiety?

J: There's so much excitement, so much anticipation, so much money spent, then to get to your wedding and to not enjoy the day, which is a state a lot of people find themselves in because of anxieties, is so sad. If you are not solid enough in yourself to just say "this is our day”, it can end up becoming everyone else's day. So I really wanted to create a package that was all about making sure that you can create incredible memories and you're there with your partner on that day celebrating.

R: So what is the most common concern that couples come to you with before their wedding day?

J: The responsibility of being seen, and if you've got a fear of public speaking or you've got a fear of performing that can be very, very unnerving for some people. Perfectionism often shows up with people being stressed about getting every detail correct, with no margin for error. Something as simple as someone not having the vegetarian dish they chose could send them spiralling.

I would really encourage people to not be afraid if things are coming up, as people start to fear themselves or their relationship because they are in doubt. It’s normal. This is an entirely new context if you've never been married before. So give yourself space to feel everything and to be human and messy.

R: How can our clients face their wedding anxiety?

J: Understanding what keeps them in the issue and what it would take for them to let this go is a big part of what I do. And truly, it's not that big a deal to sort out. My wedding anxiety package is a week of working together - we have a session and a week's worth of support to build confidence. You can be so present and have let go of other people’s opinions - it’s just an entirely different experience of your wedding day.

R: So when you see your customers for wedding anxiety, does it tend to be just one of them? Or would you see both of them at the same time? 

J: It really depends on the issue. If it’s about having eyes on on them, or their specific concern, during the wedding, I will just see one person. But if it's about the marriage and how you interact, I would really recommend that you come together or that I see you separately and then work together because ultimately you're a team and there's just no shame in addressing these things. We all have things that we need to work on. 

It's not just about the wedding day - if you want to have a beautiful marriage, examine those things shamelessly and be willing and invested to work on ourselves and showing up for our partner.

R: So what is your top tip for couples on their wedding day or the run up to it?

J: It's to enjoy it. Truly enjoy it, be there. You've got all of your friends and family. You've got things that you've chosen, you've put so much energy into it. You're deserving of that experience. Be there, and if you're struggling to be there, reach out to me and I’ll help you be there.

Solid advice Jessy! Thank you for speaking with us, and if you'd like to find out more about Jessica's wedding package you can do so here.
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