From bespoke services, to ready-to-wear flowers and DIY arrangements, there are so many options with wedding flowers it can be tough to know where to begin. We’ve been offered advice over the years so we’ve gathered together our favourite tips on flowers for your big day.

A delicate arrangement of vines and flowers across the wedding table by Aesme Studio.Image by Aesme Studio.

These are two of the first things to consider, as they will impact upon the scale of the floral arrangements and the decision to hire a wedding florist. Which leads us neatly onto…

This decision is a personal one, and there is no hard and fast rule. Florists will understand how to interpret a space, and fill it with flowers that change the environment to convey that your wedding day is one of celebration. The transformative power of flowers on a space can be challenging to harness without any experience, particularly for a large wedding or reception, and so many will prefer to leave it to the professionals.

For those choosing to create their own flower arrangements, there are extensive ranges of ready-to-wear flower arrangements offered by florists for couples that want beautifully curated bouquets without the bespoke service.

My Lady Garden, Sage Flowers and Aesme Studio all offer in-person or online classes where you can learn the basics of flower arranging to create a truly personalised bunch. Why not incorporate this into your pre-wedding celebrations to enjoy the experience with your wedding party?

Image of Kai from My Lady Garden.

Pinterest boards are a great place to start. Be realistic with your references and what can be achieved with your budget.

Find our favourites on our Pinterest board here.

Choosing one flower with a dominant scent will stop the bouquet from being overwhelming, and avoid any flowers that you or your partner may be allergic too - this can be easily forgotten with disastrous consequences.

A playful, tonal composition by SAGE Flowers.

Seasonal flowers are more environmentally friendly, fresher and feel the most 'connected' to the wedding being natural in the season it takes place. As a bonus, they should be better value too. One of the most popular British wedding flowers is the Peony, which is now in season until July.

Now you've got our hot tips for wedding flowers, read about 5 of our favourite London-based florists who create bespoke arrangements and ready-to-wear flowers for your wedding day.

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