With fashions changing and evolving faster than ever before, how do we reconcile this with a purchase that we’re making to last a lifetime?


The tides have changed when it comes to engagement ring trends: in the last few years we’ve seen the focus shift to personality which, unlike trends, will never go out of fashion. If you’re looking for cuts that feel most 'you' and reflect your personal style, we found 5 strikingly beautiful alternatives to the popular diamond cuts.

All diamonds featured are from Misfit Diamonds, our long-term collaborators and can be sourced on request for our clients. View our curation of Misfit Diamonds here.



If you love a princess cut, why not try: carre cut

RB Carre Cut DiamondSharing the same silhouette, the carre cut offers a more subtle lumiosity than the sparkle of a princess cut. Chic and geometric, we’re hoping this time-honoured cut makes a comeback.


If you love an oval cut, why not try: moval cut

Bringing together the best of an oval and marquise cut, this tapered oval feels unexpected and directional with the added benefit of elongating the hand. Set in a full or half rubover setting to really highlight this cut’s unique silhouette.


If you love a pear cut, why not try: geometric pear cut

The geometric pear cut brings striking angles to this iconic teardrop silhouette. This cut is less about the sparkle and more about flashes of light that bring the diamond to life.


If you love a round cut, why not try: antique old mine cut

Steeped in history, the old mine cut was developed at a time when rough diamonds were cut by hand. Because of this they have less facets and a beautiful lustre with less sparkle to them. A chic and understated alternative to the round diamond and, if you choose an antique, the old mine cut can be an environmental choice too.


If you love a cushion cut, why not try: elongated cushion cut

There is something oh-so-satisfying about the elongated cushion cut. Is it the soft curves or subtle lustre of the stone? We can’t say exactly, but we do know that they look beautiful set in any configuration.


These unusual diamond cuts and many more can be sourced by our team from our trusted suppliers based around the world. If you're interested in creating a custom design around them, get in touch and speak to our jewellery specialists here.

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