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5 Mistakes to Avoid With Ready to Ship Engagement Rings - Rachel Boston Jewellery

5 Mistakes to Avoid With Ready to Ship Engagement Rings


If your plans to propose have already taken shape, but your ring has not, then Ready to Ship engagement rings are the perfect solution.

But with the possibility of a panicked impulse-purchase looming, how do you avoid choosing an engagement ring that your partner won’t really love? Here are five of the most common mistakes we see and how to sidestep them. 

Mistake #1 - No Research

Research is key here. What metal colour does your partner wear? Do they prefer statement or delicate jewellery? When faced with many options for an engagement ring, these important questions about your partner's style will help guide your decision.

Rachel Boston Jewellery

Mistake #2 - Guessing Your Partner's Ring Size

You don’t have to get it exactly right but ensuring your partner can put the ring on comfortably at the proposal is a reflection of the thought that has gone into it.

Our printable guide is an easy-to-use tool for sizing your partner’s existing rings.

Rachel Boston Jewellery

We offer one complimentary resize with every Ready to Ship engagement ring for you to create the perfect fit.

Rachel Boston Jewellery
Rachel Boston Jewellery

Mistake #3 - Shopping without a budget

Setting a budget will help keep your expectations realistic browsing Ready to Ship rings, as well as avoiding any post-purchase regret that may come from spending more than what is comfortable in an impulse purchase.

If you don’t want to feel limited, consider a budget range that can still help to guide your search.

Mistake #4 - A pressured purchase

Choosing an engagement ring that your partner will love takes great care and consideration, and if you’re unsure it’s important not to rush this decision.

Are you under pressure to make a purchase? Can the ring be put on hold for you temporarily?

We offer to hold our Ready to Ship rings for up to 7 days at no charge - a little breathing room to decide whether the ring is right before making your purchase.

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Mistake #5 - Playing it safe

Don’t be afraid of unusual setting styles, side stones or a pop of colour if it fits with your partner’s style. It’s these thoughtful details that make an engagement ring truly feel like it was chosen with them in mind. 

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View our ready to ship engagement rings by appointment only. Choose from our Shoreditch showroom or a digital consultation to begin your engagement story.

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