We're thrilled to share that your engagement ring purchase will now help reforestation projects throughout the UK.


We've partnered with The Future Forest Company and for every engagement ring created we will sponsor a tree being planted. A digital certificate accompanies your ring, complete with a photo of the newly planted sapling as a reminder of the positive impact your choice can have.


That the UK only has half of its natural biodiversity left? The Future Forest Company, are taking action against this, creating new woodland habitats for wildlife to thrive in. The way they do this is three-fold.

1. Protecting exiting forests

2. Rewilding, where natural processes are left to take place without intervention

3. Planting new trees in a variety of species that suit local conditions.


The Future Forest Company's aim is to remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 from the earth's atmosphere by 2030. It's an incredible mission and one that we're proud to be a part of.

Choose to create your engagement ring with us and you’re helping forests to flourish, creating a diverse home for wildlife and removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Image credits: The Future Forest Company

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