Beloved since the roaring 20’s, the inline diamond bracelet didn’t get its moniker until relatively recently.

Picture the scene: it’s 1987 at the U.S Tennis Women’s Open and we’re mid-match, air thick with tension. The crowd watches with bated breath as the world-ranked tennis star Chris Evert battles against her rival in an exceptionally long rally. A time-out is called. The reason? Her diamond bracelet was missing from her wrist, and the next point would not be played until it had been found.

Chris' on-court style was without fault: chic and always finished with her signature accessory of the diamond eternity bracelet in question. In an interview following the match, Chris called it her ’tennis bracelet’ and the rest was history! Today, iconic players such as Serena Williams can be seen adorned with this classic bracelet style.

Chris at the 1978 Wimbledon tournament wearing her signature diamond bracelet.


Visually, the tennis bracelet can be thought of as an eternity ring for the wrist. The diamonds are set inline with very little metal between them - although the bracelet has much more movement with tiny hinges in-between each setting creating that distinctively fluid movement. Symbolically, the continuous line of diamonds is representative of eternal love, something continuing, a forever. It can be customised with many stones, with white diamonds being the most traditional, although we love grey diamonds in a tennis bracelets for their subdued sparkle.


The tennis bracelet's versatility has secured its spot as a jewellery-box staple. “Our grey diamond tennis bracelet has been popular with brides looking for a piece that will work seamlessly with their wedding outfit whilst being able to wear and enjoy it for many years to come. Dressed up or down, tennis bracelets are the epitome of elegance” says Rachel. “While white gold or platinum is the traditional choice, I love a more modern interpretation of these classic designs. Grey diamonds set in yellow gold bring a beautiful warmth and an element of something unexpected to this bracelet that really becomes a talking point.”

Our Grey Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Champagne Diamond version on request


While we don’t recommend any of our jewellery is worn during sporting activities, our Grey Diamond Tennis Bracelet is complete with a safety catch either side of the clasp to ensure you can wear it with confidence. They can be easily cleaned with a small amount of warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush to work away any buildup of dirt that can occur beneath the setting.

We love our client’s take on this classic bracelet, choosing one grey diamond and one champagne diamond bracelet (pictured above) to layer up on the same wrist. Pairing colours in these bracelets isn’t something to be afraid of - it feels modern and when chosen with care the chosen hues can make each bracelet really pop.

Discover our Grey Diamond Tennis Bracelet Here.






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