1. TOVE Studio


We love the detail and thought that goes into each of TOVE Studio's designs, without them ever looking fussy. Beautiful draping is a common theme between their dresses, and each design comes in a range of colours, meaning if you'd like your bridesmaids to be harmoniously linked by a colour or style it would certainly be possible with TOVE's pieces.



Body skimming, bias-cut silks in a delectable range of colours. For the relaxed, bridesmaid-that's-not-a-bridesmaid look, these chic dresses are too good not to wear beyond the wedding day. Their accessories would make thoughtful bridesmaids gifts too.


3. The OWN Studio

While we first came across The OWN Studio when they were our neighbours on Cheshire Street, they remain one of our favourite bridal brands to this day. From their simple slip dresses to their commitment to sartorial sustainability, OWN just seems to get it right.


4. Laura Ironside

Ethically made and beautifully draped silk pieces. Laura's designs 'merge the feminine shapes of the 1930s together with personality of modern women’s style' creating a timeless look that is universally flattering.


5. Buy Vintage

Portabello Road is one of our favourite spots in London for vintage shopping, and you can find some beautiful, ornately decorated dresses that would work beautifully for bridesmaids that complement each other. A vintage dress is the most environmentally conscious choice too!
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