Although diamonds are the hardest natural material, they can still be left vulnerable to chipping and cracking when impacted. Corners are the most likely site of impact, and as an emerald cut diamond has several cut corners, protecting these is the highest priority in a setting style. 

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Three Art Deco-inspired alternative emerald cut engagement rings on the hand with full rubover bezel settings


These are prongs that clasp the four cut corners of the emerald cut diamond, protecting the more delicate corners from impact and securing the stone in place. The claws should not be set in a north-south orientation as this would leave the corners unprotected.

With claw settings it’s important to be mindful of knocking the engagement ring. Impact to any of the claws can cause the diamond to loosen and where possible we would advise you to return your ring to us for reconditioning if this happens. Learn more about caring for your ring here.


Four claw emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a statement triple knife edge band in 18ct yellow gold. 



Otherwise known as a bezel setting, the rubover features a thin lip of metal around the diamond to encase it. Covering all corners as well as the long facets of the diamond, it is the most durable of all the setting styles and best at protecting the vulnerable corners of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

This setting style really highlights the geometry of an emerald cut diamond, and is a popular choice for our clients seeking a minimal style that still feels directional.

 3ct natural emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a full bezel rubover setting in 18ct yellow gold and a delicate d shape band.



Less common but equally as striking, the half rubover setting is the best of both worlds. With an emerald cut diamond you’ll see greater light return, while all corners remain fully protected. The setting can encase the diamond in a north-south orientation or east-west, both of which are pictured below.

As with claw settings, it’s important to be mindful of any knocks to the setting that could cause the bezel halves to separate and the diamond to come loose. 

 Art Deco-inspired emerald cut engagement ring with a half bezel rubover setting and stepped baguette cut diamonds and 18ct yellow gold band.

Lab grown emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a half bezel rubover setting and statement chunky 18ct yellow gold tapered band.



The versatility of an emerald cut diamond means that any of the setting styles above would work beautifully. It’s worth considering your lifestyle here. Active or a parent? Rubover settings can offer you the security your physical lifestyle requires. If this isn’t a factor, look instead to your design inspiration. Delicate and vintage-inspired? Claws echo the light and ethereal feel of this style.

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Bespoke Emerald cut diamond trilogy engagement ring with a split platinum setting and 18ct yellow gold band.

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