Emerald cut diamonds are both sleek and understated, beloved for their symmetrical facets that have an elongating effect on the hand. They’re also incredibly versatile, and are as effective in a minimal solitaire engagement ring as they are in an elaborate halo design. Let your personality flourish with this classic cut and 6 alternative ways to wear it.

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East-west set emerald cut alternative engagement ring with a split platinum setting and 18ct yellow gold band

East-west set emerald cut engagement ring with an unusual chunky gold band

Above: bespoke emerald cut east-west set engagement rings.

Traditionally worn vertically, emerald cut diamonds take on an entirely new feel when set horizontally. This chic cut becomes more playful and modern without straying too far from sophistication.



Alternative maximalist emerald cut engagement ring with a halo of hand-cut diamonds

Above: bespoke emerald cut halo engagement ring.

One for the maximalists, the halo design is a celebration of all things Art Deco. Hand-cut diamonds are the most effective for creating a fully saturated halo, while a combination of baguette and round cut diamonds offer a playful alternative to the classic.



Emerald cut diamonds with tapered baguette diamonds creates a unique vintage-inspired engagement ring.

Above: our Bette Emerald Ring with a custom split platinum and gold setting.

Synonymous with the Art Deco era, tapered baguette cut diamonds paired with emerald cuts create a sleek silhouette across the finger. Introduce bar settings and notched detailing like our Bette Ring for additional elements of interest.



Breathtaking 3ct natural emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a sleek bezel rubover setting.

Above: bespoke 3ct natural emerald cut engagement ring

While a solitaire is the most traditional style of engagement ring, there’s something about the sleek rubover setting that makes it feel oh-so-chic and modern. This twist on the classic single stone ring is THE definition of quiet luxury, and it’s a style that’s here to stay.

Learn more about different setting styles for an emerald cut diamond here.



Emerald cut trilogy three stone engagement ring in a sleek platinum setting. Made in the UK

Above: custom platinum emerald cut trilogy engagement ring.

With three stones representing the past, present and future, the trilogy ring is not just about impact: it’s effortlessly romantic too. Look for elegant proportions between the three stones, and a height ratio of around 2:3 between the outer and central diamonds - our Flora Ring does this well.



Toi et Moi engagement ring featuring a pear cut diamond and an emerald cut diamond set harmoniously in 18ct yellow gold.

Above: a customisation of our Darcy Ring featuring emerald and pear cut diamonds.

Angular emerald cut diamonds bring an interesting geometry to this classic two-stone design and pair beautifully with softer cuts such as a pear or oval. Two emerald cuts of differing sizes would also make a unique and unexpected combination. For more Toi et Moi inspo click here.


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Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds either side creates a unique vintage feel to the engagement ring.

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