Each grey diamond is so unique in its celestial hue and patterning, it can be hard to know where to begin when creating an engagement ring. That’s where our team come in: we’re here to guide you through the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring featuring a precious stone of your choosing.


But before your initial consultation with us, it might be helpful to consider the following things.



Grey diamonds fall into one of two categories - Salt and Pepper and Fancy Grey. It’s worth knowing the differences between these, and what could work best for your budget and intended aesthetic with your ring.

Read our comprehensive guide to Grey Diamonds here.





If you’re choosing for yourself, we say go with your heart. Grey diamonds paired with classic design details are timeless engagement ring.

If you’re choosing from someone else, we would recommend doing a little research into your partner’s style before opting for a grey diamond. Have they dropped any hints about choosing a grey diamond? Do they already have jewellery that features them? If they have then it sounds like a grey diamond engagement ring will be perfect, but if not then we’d tend to recommend choosing from our white diamond Made to Order engagement rings instead as they’re a little more classic. 



While the quantities and placement of inclusions - natural flecks of white and grey that give Salt and Pepper diamonds their unique colouring - can vary greatly between stones, it can be helpful to have an idea of whether you’re looking at lighter or darker stones. Do you prefer the sparkle of a lighter diamond or the more striking appearance of a darker Salt and Pepper stone?

We created this guide if you’re looking for a way to describe the colour of grey that you prefer.


If you’re still uncertain, we have several Ready to Ship Grey Diamond engagement rings in our showroom that can be viewed as samples to give you a better understanding of how different shades of Salt and Pepper diamonds look when set in precious metals.


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