From elegant and classic to strikingly modern, here's our favourite ways to use Grey Diamonds.



A Fancy Grey diamond engagement ring, inspired by Art Deco design, with geometric Baguette and Triangle diamond side stones. This beautiful smokey grey diamond was the centrepiece of this bespoke engagement ring.

Step cut diamonds are synonymous with the Art Deco era, and a sleek Fancy Grey diamond is a great way to make these timeless design principles feel truly modern. We created this bespoke fancy grey diamond engagement ring for our client with an Emerald Cut with longer proportions and small white diamond baguettes and triangle sides to complete the Deco look.




Different from every angle, the flecks of white and grey in a Salt and Pepper diamond could keep you looking for hours. Their intrigue and mystery make them perfect for a solo-stone ring. Keep this classic design feeling fresh with a contemporary Deco band, like in these two grey diamond bespoke engagement rings below.



For the maximalists and lovers of sparkle, a halo - or even a double halo - is an elegant addition to any engagement ring design. We love the the pairing above of a Fancy Grey diamond and white diamond double halo because of the contrast the colours create. 



Double band details are a great design detail for showcasing all of the incredible detail within the diamond. The affordability of Salt and Pepper diamonds means that comparatively you can get a larger diamond than if you were opting for a white or fancy coloured diamond. Longer Emerald and Geometric cuts are popular with our engagement ring clients, and a double band supports these longer stones while drawing the eye around the full length of the stone to really show it off. 



When we’re working with grey diamonds, we’d always recommend opting for different side stones to create variety within the ring. Grey diamond sides add an element of intrigue to an alternative engagement ring that still feels classic in its essence, like in this Oval Cut bespoke engagement ring below. For a more delicate look, white diamond sides in a pretty arrangement of Round Cuts can be a beautiful way to balance a Grey Diamond central stone.



Grey Cushion Cut Salt and Pepper diamond for a bespoke engagement ring design handmade in London

If you love any of these examples and want to create your own, find the perfectly imperfect Grey Diamond for your bespoke engagement ring in our Curated Diamonds Selection.


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