Four engagement ring ideas to unravel your expectations of a classic diamond cut. We're here for the bold design identities, unusual diamond arrangements and all of the thoughtful details that make an oval cut diamond feel uniquely you.


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An unexpected yet impactful bespoke engagement ring with an oval cut diamond, vintage inspired double claws and dramatic shield cut diamond side stones.

Geometric diamond cuts like shields and epaulettes are the antithesis of the soft oval cut, and yet the two pair beautifully to create an engagement ring with a unique point of view.



Clean and minimal oval cut diamond engagement ring with a sleek platinum double knife edge band.

If you prefer minimal engagement rings, a chunky band captures that modern aesthetic whilst celebrating your personality within it. 



Multi layered halo bespoke engagement ring with Mother of Pearl inlay, pave diamonds and an oval cut diamond at its centre.

Think big here - colour and texture can both be integrated for a striking effect. The Mother of Pearl inlay brings an unexpected dark lustre to this bespoke engagement ring that manages to be effortlessly chic and truly spectacular at the same time.




Antique diamonds cut by hand may not be entirely symmetrical but their charm is bountiful. The irregularities and imperfections that become covetable qualities in an Oval Cut of more than 90 years old look truly unique when celebrated in an unfussy, modern setting like this tapered asymmetric gold band above. The diamond was taken from our client's heirloom pendant that was broken and gave it a new life.


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