Knowing something has been made specifically with you in mind is an extremely rare luxury nowadays, and lends our engagement rings an incomparably special aspect. Our clients are always actively involved in the process of creating their engagement ring.

If you’re wondering how you can create your own engagement ring, here’s an overview of the ways in which you’re involved in our custom ring design process.

Our clients are involved in every stage of creating their engagement ring, and it's something we're really proud to offer. Here's a flow chart taking you briefly through the stages of creating a custom diamond engagement ring.


Inspiration is the first stage of creating a bespoke engagement ring. Your inspiration can come in many forms: an image from our Instagram grid (where we showcase all of the bespoke engagement rings we’ve created), a Pinterest board, or a quick screenshot of our website, to name a few.

Referencing existing images of rings can be really helpful - we will never copy the designs, but instead use these to build a clearer picture of the style and direction of your engagement ring.


If you are undecided on the design of your diamond engagement ring, Rachel will create six designs based on the initial consultation and any design inspiration discussed. We’ll continue to revise the designs based on your feedback until we reach your dream engagement ring.

Six bespoke engagement ring designs created by Rachel for our Aelia Ring.

If you have chosen a Made-to-Order ring with customisations, you can customise band widths, the size of the central stone, metal colour, side stone arrangements, and add halos. We’re happy to advise where needed, and as opposed to a completely bespoke engagement ring, we move straight to the stone sourcing stage as you will have already decided on the above design details.


The stone sourcing process is all done via email, and we send detailed photos and videos along with the specifications of each stone so your decision is fully informed. Simply choose your favourite, and we’re always happy to offer guidance. If none of them are quite right, we continue the search until we’ve found your perfect diamond or sapphire.

For white diamonds, the differences between the stones will tend to be subtle variations in colour, clarity, cut and carat. These are called the 4 C’s and we’ve written a journal post about them here.

A Round Brilliant Cut diamond, Emerald Cut grey diamond and Asscher Cut Champagne diamond waiting to be turned into custom diamond engagement rings.


After you decide on your ring design central stone, we create it as a CAD (Computer Aided Design) render so you can visualise on-screen how your custom engagement ring looks in 3D. It will be the first time you see smaller details such as the side of the setting or the depth of the band and it provides another opportunity to make revisions to the design.

We ask for your approval of the CAD at this point, and beyond this it will not be possible to make structural changes to the ring. 


Engraving and secret stones set inside the band can be added at any point during the production stage or after your diamond engagement ring is complete. These are really lovely options for adding a final personal touch to your creation, and the ring below is a beautiful example. The process takes around 2 weeks. You can learn more about the options for customising your ring here.

Bespoke diamond engagement ring with engraving and secret stones set inside the band.


Creating your own engagement ring takes around 3.5 months from the initial consultation to finished ring.

Working directly with our clients to design their own ring is a part of the process that we love. Keen to learn more about the bespoke engagement ring process? We've complied our most frequently asked questions here.
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