While custom engagement rings receive a lot of attention, we believe it’s equally important to have wedding rings that reflect the couple too. Design your own wedding ring by customising our existing made-to-measure styles, or create your own bespoke design for wedding rings that are truly unique. Here’s our how-to guide.


Our wedding bands are all made to order, which can take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the style. Be sure to start early and allow time for your rings to be handcrafted.


Signature knife edge diamond wedding rings


If a custom wedding ring is to pair with an engagement ring, we recommend wearing the engagement ring for a little while before deciding on a wedding band. It gives you time to get used to its appearance which can shape the direction of your wedding ring; will it be a plain band that lets your engagement ring take centre stage, or a statement double band to make your bridal stack sing?


To get a feel for what suits you, we would recommend booking our in-person or digital complimentary consultation. In person, you have the opportunity to try on our full range of Mens, Womens and Unisex Made-to-Order wedding ring samples, and for remote consultations we are able to send photographs and videos of your desired wedding rings on the hand or paired with one of our engagement rings that is similar to your existing style.

A pair of platinum womens wedding rings that went out to our lovely clients.


All of our Made-to-Order wedding rings can be fully customised. Choose your metal colour, stones and engraving to create wedding rings that reflect your personal style.

For those pairing it with an RB engagement ring, we design the majority of our engagement rings to be stackable, which means a wedding ring will fit seamlessly underneath them. 

Our Made-to-Order wedding rings can have a custom curve added for a flawless fit around a low-set engagement ring, like our Baguette and Round Diamond Wedding Ring below. Our clients also customised our Mens Platinum Knife Edge Band with a half-matte/half-polish finish. We love these thoughtful edits that make their rings feel truly unique.

Baguette and Round Diamond Wedding Ring and Knife Edge Mens Wedding Ring in Platinum


After discussing inspiration in our initial consultation, we move onto creating six designs (pictured below) which can be refined until we create your perfect rings. A CAD drawing after will help you visualise your rings in 3D, and is another opportunity to make changes to the rings.

Custom Wedding Ring Designs for our Knife Edge Mens Wedding Ring. Customising our signature Knife Edge style with engraving.


Engraving and secret stones set inside the band are a really popular way to give wedding rings a truly personal touch. We work with highly skilled hand engravers and setters in Hatton Garden to add these personalisations. Dates, initials and short messages are popular with our clients, and we’ve had some really thoughtful ones that make our hearts feel warm!


All of our pieces are handmade in England from start to finish. Our master craftspeople in Hatton Garden turn rough castings into beautifully refined wedding rings. The process from initial consultation to finished rings is 6-8 weeks for our Made-to-Order wedding rings and 12 weeks for fully bespoke wedding rings.


3 Diamond eternity rings in varying thicknesses

If you have an idea for a custom wedding ring that you’d like to discuss we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch as info@rachelboston.co.uk or use our online enquiry form.
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