In this month's RB Newsletter, we explored a range of topics in appreciation of Earth Day – including some of our favourite nature getaway spots in Britain. We also shared some of our stand-out options for conscious diamonds, a process that can seem daunting to many. Today, we're going to deep dive into some of the other options available at Rachel Boston, to provide you with all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision that ultimately works best for you. 



The Namibian Coast


With a journey beginning millions of years ago, Ocean Diamonds are formed beneath the Earth's crust and brought close to the shores of South Africa and Namibia by stormy seas. They lie at the bottom of the ocean bed until specialist divers collect them when the waters are still enough. Working exclusively with local divers and boats, and skilled artisans in Johannesburg who cut every diamond, Ocean Diamonds ensure that as many processes as possible are kept local to support the economy there. 


The winner's choice of ring from our charity fundraiser with Ocean Diamonds, featuring a beautiful Round Brilliant Cut Ocean Diamond.


Due to the nature of their travels, only the strongest and purest diamonds survive the rough journey; resulting in exceptional quality stones. Ocean Diamonds are an incredible option for those who want a truly conscious, natural diamond with no compromise in quality. Available all the way from raw and untouched to perfectly cut and polished, we can source the perfect Ocean Diamond for you and your bespoke or made-to order piece.

Find out more about Ocean Diamonds here.



A raw Botswanamark diamond


Botswana is globally recognised as being the most important and largest producer of ethically mined diamonds, adhering to the strictest labour and environmental standards. Botswanamark provide a fully transparent route from each stone to the end customer, with the diamonds originating from one of three ethical mines (Jwaneng, Orapa or Letlhakane).


Diamonds being cut at an atelier in Botswana


The stones are cut in ateliers in either Botswana or India, with each abiding by the international human rights framework and labour regulations, alongside further rigorous ethical, social and environmental requirements.

Find out more about Botwanamark here.



A Canadamark Diamond


"Responsible mining means improving lives, strengthening communities, protecting wildlife, and respecting the environment in which we operate.". Canadamark diamonds are authentically Canadian, with all of their mines in the Northwest Territories meeting Canada's environmental regulations, (and many going above and beyond these markers).


Diavik Diamond Mine in NT, Canada


As with Ocean Diamonds and Botswanamark, each Canadamark diamond comes with a certificate to ensure of its authenticity and to show the stone's entire journey with full transparency: all the way from rough to polished.


Find out more about Canadamark here.



Choosing to opt for an antique diamond is a great way to stay within the circular economy and avoid buying new. Antique diamonds primarily come in Old European or Old Mine cuts, which radiate light with a softer glow than the high shine and sparkle we associate with more modern diamond cuts, making them a particularly elegant and subdued choice. You can learn more about the specifics in our Antique Diamond Guide here.


Comparison of a modern Pear cut diamond (left) and a round Antique diamond (right)


Working with antique diamonds allows us to take into consideration what we already have available to us. This may even include jewellery that has been handed down to you that you hadn't before considered granting a new lease on life. Many of our clients have used stones from inherited treasures to create new modern heirlooms, to continue to hand down through the generations. However, we are also able to source the perfect antique stone for you: one that is rich in its own history already.

Find out more about our remodelling service here.

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