If you'd like to create a halo engagement diamond ring, here's 3 things to consider before your bespoke consultation:


A halo that frames to stone like this beautiful bespoke ring is the quintessential halo, but a hidden halo tucked below the setting - like this bespoke ring below - are also popular.


Halos can be created with round diamonds, which tend to feel more romantic and delicate, or with step-cut diamonds for a bolder, geometric effect. Consider which one best suits the tone of your ring design.



Consider a pop of colour in your ring, which can be added into your halo with a careful choice of stones. We'd recommend paler colours of sapphires and diamonds, as darker stones can look too heavy in a delicate ring, and always framing a white diamond as the centre stone.



Above: a pink diamond halo and cornflower blue sapphire baguette halo.



An important factor in considering the size of your halo, and cut or colour of stone. A halo of step-cut diamonds will be more expensive as each diamond is cut by hand to fit around the central stone.


This deco-inspired ring below features a halo of striking diamonds cut by hand to fit the custom ring mount.


After figuring out these four things, it's time to book your complimentary consultation. And, if you're not quite sure yet, our team will help you in refining your design ideas during the consultation too. 


Book your complimentary consultation here.


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