Once you have your engagement ring chances are you’ll never want to take it off. However, to keep your ring looking its best and protect it from damage it’s important to take it off when you’re busy doing certain activities.

1. At the Gym

We always advise against wearing your ring when you visit the gym or partaking in any strenuous physical activities (tennis, weight-lifting, rock climbing etc). Rings are made in platinum or gold, and even though they are hard wearing materials they are to a certain degree soft and by putting pressure on the material you could risk damaging the shape or the claws that hold the stones which in turn could lead to a stone falling out. Keep your ring in a safe place so you don’t damage it when you’re working out.

2. Beauty Regime

It’s common to want to keep your ring on when you’re getting ready but moisturisers, lotions, cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes all cause a build up of grime which diminishes the brilliance and natural sheen of your diamond.

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3. In Water

You should never wear your engagement ring in the ocean, pool or showering.

Ocean - Cold water ‘shrinks’ your fingers making it easy for your ring to slip off and disappear in to the ocean.

Pool - Chlorine can sometimes damage or discolour the mounts of your rings.

Showering - Your ring can easily slip off your finger and risk falling down the drain. Also oily or exfoliating body washes can damage the diamond.

4. Cleaning

A diamond is one of the world's hardest materials but it can still chip! Cleaning can be a very vigorous activity with lots of potential to bang your ring on hard surfaces which can damage the setting or stones. Household cleaners also contain harsh chemicals which can damage and discolour the metal. When washing the dishes you also risk the ring slipping off and falling down the drain. Better to be safe and keep the ring in a secure place until you have finished.

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